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St. Louis Care Alliance: full spectrum of best-in-class healthcare services.

The STLCA is made up of highly specialized service providers, each focusing on assisting individuals and families with the components of their healthcare journey. Each member of the Alliance is a leading professional in their field

It goes without saying that the healthcare industry has abundant issues that face anyone entering their "healthcare years". The Social Determinants of Health reminds us that "People age 65 years and older made up 17 percent of the population in 2020. By 2040, that number is expected to grow to 22 percent". As the volume of those needing healthcare increases, so does the need for qualified, best-in-class service providers.

An aging population means higher use of health care services and a greater need for family and professional caregivers. It's primarily due to the diversity of tasks involved in the delivery of patient care. The St. Louis Care Alliance has uniquely qualified providers in the following areas:

The St. Louis Care Alliance (SLCA) membership exists because there is a growing need - a continued dependency of health-care providers on one another, due to the diversity, patient loads, demand on clinicians and other staff. It's enormous the number of relationships needed between patients, caregivers, health-care providers and support staff.

Take a look at who we are by following the link below. There we have assembled all of our members and their businesses in the categories shown above along with links to their websites. See for yourself how important our members are for navigating the complexities of your or your loved ones care.



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