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Certified Care Management - Your Personalized Care Consultants

Sharon Gorman is the Founder for Certified Care Management, LLC. As a Certified Care Manager and Advanced Professional with the Aging Life Care Association, she brings over 17 years of experience to the field of senior care and family advocacy. Her responsibilities and those of her team, include an initial assessment, creation of care plan and the ongoing management of changing needs for individuals of all ages. 

Certified Care Management offers a range of services to support individuals and their families. As your personalized care consultant, they provide high-quality assistance in various areas:

  • Consultation and Assessment of Needs:

    • They assess your unique situation, considering health, well-being, and care requirements.

  • Plan of Care Development:

    • Based on the assessment, they create a personalized care plan tailored to your specific needs.

  • Ongoing Care Management Support:

    • Certified Care Managers provide continuous support, ensuring your care plan evolves as circumstances change.

  • Nursing Oversight and Medicine Organization:

    • They oversee medical aspects, including medication management and coordination.

  • Dementia Support:

    • For individuals with dementia, they offer specialized guidance and support.

  • Patient Advocacy and Support:

    • Advocating for your rights and ensuring you receive appropriate care.

  • Family and Caregiver Coaching:

    • Supporting family members and caregivers in their roles.

Sharon has served on many community boards such as the Jewish Federation Woman’s Philanthropy, the Breakthrough Coalition, the Covenant Place Advisory and the Foundation Board of Directors. She has previously Chaired the St. Louis Care Alliance, an inspired group of best-in-class providers in health care throughout the St. Louis Region. 



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