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Home Sweet Home - Providing seniors with intelligent, reliable and useful information when downsizing or relocating.

Seniors sitting on couch
Photo Courtesy of Home Sweet Home

Downsizing or relocating to another residence can be a daunting task for seniors, but with the right information and support, it can be a smooth and stress-free process. The St. Louis Care Alliance is proud to call Kristen Lund our BEST IN CLASS Organization Coordinator. Home Sweet Home is known for watching out for their clients best interest while often exceeding their greatest expectations.

Lund offers a variety of levels of service. The full scale moving services starts with a complimentary in-home consultation to identify the needs and goals of each client. This insures that she and her staff are committed to providing exceptional service and what makes each client unique. Regardless, it always starts with a plan.

The secret? - matching functionality with sentimentality. Lund says this is very important for seniors, especially when downsizing from a 4 or 5 bedroom house into a much smaller community living situation.

Organization Staff
Photo Courtesy of Home Sweet Home

And, downsizing or relocating can take more time than most people expect, so it’s best to start planning at least two to three months in advance. This often gives seniors enough time to sort through their belongings, decide what to keep, and make arrangements for the move. But since that's not always possible, Home Sweet Home is there to help.

Lund says that having that detailed plan can make the process of downsizing or relocating much more manageable and enjoyable. "Take into account their emotional attachment to their current home and the memories they have made there. Creating a plan can help seniors stay organized and focused on their goals".

Home Sweet home has several levels of services to meet just about anyone's needs:

Full Service Move

  • Detailed Moving Plan

  • Downsizing (if applicable)

  • Furniture Placement Plan

  • Pack                               

  • Transport Possessions

  • Unpack    

  • Organize

  • Decorate

Truck Only Move

  • Includes Move Manager Supervision

  • Transport of Possessions (men, moving equipment and truck)

  • Furniture Placed According to Your Instruction

Internal Move

  • Assistance Relocating Within the Same Campus

Partial Assistance with Move

  • One or More of the Services We Offer on a Full Service Move

Decluttering & Organizing

  • Sort

  • Organize

  • Charitable Donations

  • Pack & Ship

  • Estate Sale Tips and Resources

  • Clean-Out Services

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Contact: (636)288-2431



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