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Apollo Medical Home Health Services - enabling independence, safety, and comfort in your own home.

Apollo Medical

When becoming familiar with how to manage the complexities of a health issue, many can become overwhelmed or confused when considering the best healthcare options available. Today the St. Louis Care Alliance highlights Apollo Medical Home Health Services - providing high-quality home healthcare to patients throughout many parts of Missouri for more than 15 years.    

STLCA asked Taylor Hebbeler, Executive Business Partner at LiveWell Partners/Director of Business Development at Apollo Medical, for some help on better understanding the intricacies of home health services. 

“Home health services is the provision of medical and personal care services at a patient's residence, rather than in a hospital or a nursing home. Apollo Medical works across the care continuum to ensure each patient receives a goal-driven, effective plan of care”. 

It's with a strong clinical record that Apollo provides nursing, rehabilitative, therapeutic, and personal care services that are customized to meet each patient’s unique needs.  With their expertise in continuous nursing care, they can provide care for the most complex cases.

So what are the things to consider when deciding if home health services is right for you? Hebbeler says: “Qualifiers can include medication or medication change with the need for education, or a new diagnosis or exacerbation of pre-existing diagnosis.  It could also be that there are frequent hospitalizations, or an increase in office visits or recent or frequent falls, or gait or mobility issues combined with urinary, or bowel incontinence”.

The STLCA seeks to provide insight into what drives the best outcomes for every patient throughout the region. We find Apollo Medical Health Services an important leader in the industry that is making a difference by:

  • Helping to improve the quality of life and well-being of the patient, as they can stay in their familiar and comfortable environment, surrounded by their loved ones and personal belongings.

  • Helping to reduce the risk of infections and complications, as the patient is exposed to fewer germs and hazards than in a health care facility.

  • Helping lower the cost of health care, as the patient does not have to pay for hospitalization, transportation, or other fees associated with institutional care.

  • Helping enhance the patient's autonomy and dignity, as they can have more control over their daily activities, schedules, and preferences.

  • Help to provide personalized and holistic care, as the home health care team can tailor the services to the patient's specific needs, goals, and values.

Apollo Medical

Apollo Medical Health Services are not only beneficial for the patient, but also for the caregivers and family members. They can reduce the burden and stress of caregiving.  Apollo’s home health care team can assist with various tasks and provide support and education while contributing to the sustainability and efficiency of the health care system - helping prevent unnecessary hospitalizations, readmissions, and emergency visits.



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